HVAC, energy control and shopping experience

Stable and comfortable air conditioning is a significant component of the shopping experience at any supermarket or shopping center.

In large spaces, there are usually several independent air conditioning systems that have difficulty maintaining a stable and comfortable temperature over time.

One of our customers, a supermarket chain of 16 stores was looking for a solution. Initially, NEATNEST systems were installed for several weeks to characterize the temperature profile and the potential causes of the instability:

– In each branch and according to its size, 4 to 8 separate air conditioning units, each with its own independent control unit.

– A gap of up to 4°C between the set temperature and the actual temperature.

– Inability to maintain a constant temperature over time.

– Variations in temperature up to 3°C in different areas of the supermarket.

– The air conditioning units operate independently but are affected by the adjacent units. As a result, they frequently went on or off because of temperature fluctuations.

– Some units operated at a heavy load compared to other air conditioning units that most of the time did not come into operation.

Under the mentioned conditions, the customer shopping experience is impaired, employees are forced to adjust the temperature or switch off the air conditioning frequently, energy wastage also exists, and some systems suffer unnecessarily high wear and tear.

We at NEATNEST have set up a system that is independent of the control of the manufacturers of the AC units. The system allows accurate and constant temperature to be maintained for all operating hours.

For the most part, NEATNEST wireless control systems do not require a unique infrastructure and allow for upgrading of any existing system in a short time.

In addition, the system also allows control of lighting infrastructure and other electrical systems, control of customer traffic up to department level at each branch. The NEATNEST system also enables direct and secure remote control without the need for cloud services.

In fact, the system allows the owner to control and manage all energy sources in all his branches from his office or mobile phone from anywhere in the world. The system also enables fully automatic operation – switch off the lighting and air conditioning at the end of the working day and when the customer traffic ends, etc. The owner also receives notification of any deviation from the set parameters, such as temperature or humidity deviations during operating hours.

The NEATNEST system has a wide range of capabilities that can be applied according to customer requirements, as in the above case, the system has also been expanded further to monitor workstations status, service doors and marketing screens.



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